Lakoff, George.

The political mind : why you can't understand 21st-century politics with an 18th-century brain / George Lakoff. - New York : Viking, 2008. - x, 292 p. ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction : brain change and social change -- How the brain shapes the political mind -- Anna Nicole on the brain -- The political unconscious -- The brain's role in family values -- The brain's role in political ideologies -- Political challenges for the twenty-first-century mind -- A new consciousness -- Traumatic ideas : the War on Terror -- Framing reality : privateering -- Fear of framing -- Confronting stereotypes : sons of the welfare queen -- Aim above the bad apples -- Cognitive policy -- Contested concepts everywhere -- The technical is the political -- Exploring the political brain -- The problem of self-interest -- The metaphors defining rational action -- Why hawks win -- The brain's language -- Language in the new enlightenment -- Afterword : what if it works? -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- Index.

In What's the Matter with Kansas?, Thomas Frank pointed out that a great number of Americans actually vote against their own interests. In The Political Mind, George Lakoff explains why.



Liberalism--United States.
Progressivism (United States politics)
Political culture--United States.
Conservatism--United States.
Communication in politics--United States.
Thought and thinking.

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