Accommodating rising powers past, present, and future / edited by T.V. Paul, McGill University. - x, 326 pages ; 23 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

The Accommodation of Rising Powers in World Politics / T.V. Paul -- Realism, Balance of Power, and Power Transitions / Steven E. Lobell -- Globalization, Interdependence, and Major Power Accommodation / Philip Potter -- What Would E.H. Carr Say? : How International Institutions Address Peaceful Political Change / Krzysztof J. Pelc -- The Responsibility to Accommodate : Ideas and Change / Mlada Bukovansky -- Seizing the Day or Passing the Baton? : Power, Illusion, and the British Empire / Ali Zeren and John A. Hall -- The U.S. Accommodation of Communist China / Lorenz M. Lüthi -- Accommodation and Containment : Great Britain and Germany Prior to the Two World Wars / Martin Claar and Norrin M. Ripsman -- Did the U.S. and the Allies Fail to Accommodate Japan in the 1920s and the 1930s? / Jeffrey W. Taliaferro -- China's Bargaining Strategies for a Peaceful Accommodation after the Cold War / Kai He -- Partial Accommodation Without Conflict : India as a Rising Link Power / Aseema Sinha -- Brazil : Revising the Status Quo with Soft Power? / David R. Mares -- Prospects for the Accommodation of a Resurgent Russia / Nicola Contessi -- Great Power Accommodation and the Processes of International Politics / Theodore McLauchlin.

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Middle powers.
World politics--20th century.
World politics--21st century.
Middle powers--Case studies.
World politics--20th century--Case studies.
World politics--21st century--Case studies.

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